One Day of Meursault

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This animation is dedicated to L'Étranger. And to show my respect to Albert Camus.

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I can't say I understand most of what you are trying to say in this tribute to The Stranger, but having read the book I know that you did a great job in a few certain areas (or at least the ones I caught). To be short, I'll say that most noticeably, you did a great job portraying absurdist/existential elements in the black and white setting as well as through the monotonous tone of Meursault's story. A lot of his actions were hard to understand and seemed random, but depicting an abstract philosophical novel can be extremely difficult so in that regard I think you've done well. Anyways, it's always nice seeing more deep and meaningful things on Newgrounds so thanks for this (I'm sure Camus would have enjoyed watching/interpreting it).

Juilwey responds:

Thank you for giving out your opinion. It's great to know that this is still understandable XD means a lot to me!

I am not sure to whom you are paying respect and my review is based on this. I liked your attempt but I don't think that this is a project which is finished, wich is ready for viewing. You had elements that could help you develop a story and go somewhere with your animation but you seem to ignore them in purpose. So the whole thing lead to nowhere. I felt that you didn't want to make a point here, more like a moving picture. But then you left me with nothing to keep my interest. You have no story and you obviously didn't put a lot of effort nether in the artstyle or the animation itslef. Your video nedded more frames at times, maybe some details. Something. Am I right about the moving picture? Did you wanted to say something I didnt see?

Juilwey responds:

LOL you're quite true about the moving picture, because it does seem so. The animation is of some experiences and feelings of life, as a senior of university, right before stepping into society. Not a story-based animation, if you're looking for one. But still, thanks for all the review anyway, it's really great to have criticism sometime. Have to say that you must be a pro in the field, made some really sharp points XD

Great art animation. Love it!


Great job there! I loved the style and the atmosphere, butI don't think I understood the story. Could you explain it a little bit? Thanks!

Juilwey responds:

Thanks for your compliment! It means a lot to me that you feel like the style. Actually it's not a story-based animation. More of a feelings-mixed one. I would say, don't try to look for some stories or sad/happy endings watching this, maybe try to feel it. Just like reading books. I always believe what makes a book/movie a popular one is that people can find themselves in it, and maybe to get something out of it. But as for this animation, it's quite pessimistic in some way, since you didn't quite get it, it means you must be an optimistic person, of which I'm really jealous!! cheers!

Quite decent maybe a bit sloppy but overall pretty okay.

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2016
1:50 AM EDT