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Coffee Stop : Foamy The Squirrel

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Germaine gets hassled trying to get coffee. illwillpress.com
(This episode is part of the massive Foamy HD project I've started where I'm trying to re-encode more than 300 Foamy videos to be 1080p HD. Starting with the very first episode from 2003. If an older Foamy video is no longer on NG, it will be posted, if it's still on NG, it will be updated to full HD) Apologies in advance for posting so many updates in such a short period of time, but I have 15 years of material I'd like people to have access to once again.

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And to think, this is the incident that slowly drove Germaine down the roller coaster of insanity years later.

Quality so bad it might as well not even be an "animation".

Sure has been a lot of focus on that coffee through the years! Think I like it better when Germaine's somehow able to either defend or further ridicule herself with these... but not bad.-


Moving to Salem Massachusetts.

We got lots of chicks just like this in Salem Massachusetts.