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Super Blue Boy Planet

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This game is also available on steam (free): http://store.steampowered.com/app/560260

Press and hold jump again in the air to glide.

Jump with up arrow or X or A on gamepad.

Arrows to move and jump

Gamepad (x360) supported

M to mute/unmute both sound and music.

ESC to return to level select screen.

If you enjoyed this game, please consider purchasing one of my games on steam.

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doesn't matter i beat it fanally

Perfecto! ;)

Great game! The physics are great, the levels are challenging, and it's overall a fun time.

im sorry

Very underwhelming. There are a lot of things I have to say so I'll just go through them:
The glide doesn't feel like a glide. I don't fall slower if I fall for long enough, and I don't get a lot of horizontal distance unless I use it at the base of a jump.

The gunman and the spider enemies both feel way more annoying than they feel challenging. Part of this has to do with how the checkpoints don't 'reset' the state of a level section, and that bullets don't despawn after going a certain distance (which causes certain sections to not be playable for several seconds just because a gunman or a spider is sitting in front of or on your checkpoint.

The bosses (the UFO in particular) are very underwhelming, and frustrating instead of challenging. The Snake is alright as a first boss, but completely clashes with the sudden shift into the UFO as a boss. Additionally, the second appearance of the snake doesn't add anything to the game at all (I'm pretty sure it just has a little more health?). The UFO can SEEM difficult, but as long as you move to the left/right edge of the middle platofrm, you can easily beat them. The UFO's bullets (and this actually goes for the gunmen as well in some cases) feel way too slow. They are reactable, but some patterns make them continue being a hazard long after they perform an attack (Bottom Right/Left positions of the room as an example). On top of that, a lot of times the bullet spread will prolong the fight by making it way more difficult to find an opening (since the bullets protect the entirety of its hitbox for a while before it moves again). For both bosses, the fact that the only thing that changes for when they get hit is them getting faster just makes the fight longer and (again,) more frustrating.

A lot of the introduced elements feel like 'gimmicks'. One huge example is the level (which is the only level with this I remember), where if you step in 2 different spots on the stage, you fall through them (and in one case, you die and are reset back to your last checkpoint). There is no indication of this feature, so the first time it happens I thought "Is the game broken?", and the second time it happened I thought "Oh! So I'll have to watch closely to where I step and be more careful!". It was never brought back in another level, which ended up making it feel annoying. Another example is moving down the purple platforms. There is only 1 section that uses this as a puzzle by itself (the first section you use it on), and then it ends up just being basically useless. There are more purple platforms later, but they don't add anything interesting other than being the only semi-solid platform you ever encounter. Another example of this are the timed switches and the On/Off spikes. The timed switches aren't a huge deal, but they don't indicate that they are any different from real switches (just add a timer above the player?). The On/Off spikes (The spikes that switch places occasionally) feel too slow to be a fun puzzle. They also have no indication of when they're going to switch (which isn't as much of a problem, but combined with how slow they are, it often leads to mistiming your run and being reset again). Frustrating does not mean challenging.

There are a lot of instances near the end where the spikes and some other elements clip through the layers. Not much to say about this one.

One thing I will say is very nice about this game is its music and sound. The tune is mellow, and fits the artistic warm colors well. However, some sounds (like the spring) are not at all fun to hear over and over and over again.

I also liked how the levels began going backwards at the end. It felt nice to go back through them in a different way. It felt very fresh.

This game is far from my favorite, but it isn't the worst platformer.