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Reviews for "Super Blue Boy Planet"

awesome game, but i think that making the background move with everything else was a bad design choice as it gives me headaches:)

Fun little game, imo the hardest part of the whole game was the second checkpoint on level 16, with the alien defending the cliff. It would be nice to have another, more intense sound loop for the beginning cutscene and the boss battles. Also if you are touching a wall and a bouncy block you will stay in one place and trigger the sound and animation repeatedly.

I like this game. jumping feels nice, the graphics are cool, and its very challenging. the only things i have to complain about are the constant looping of the same music. it makes the cut scene at the beginning kind of peaceful, rather than "oh! aliens stole my girlfriend!", and gliding is really weird. i can never tell where i'm landing. other than that, this game is very well designed.

I don't think the harsh reviews are justified. The characters are cute, the jumping mechanics are a bit quirky. I like it that you put in boss fights...it shows that you went the extra mile. The music is satisfying too.

Level 10.
Hard to control your flight.
This game should not have 21 levels. It is obvious that you got bored toward the end and reused some levels and bosses. Have 10 levels that are decently constructed.

Not bad graphic but gameplay is boring and stupid