Wtf Adventures episode 1 "A meeting of friends."

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So after a year in the making of this video i was finally able to complete it and upload it. Now i started this when i first began maple animations and clearly since then i have grown in my animation skill. But along side that fact i decided not to go back and refine certain parts because it will show my growth over said time.

I am really happy to have had this finished as i feel it's a gateway into greater things for this series. Enjoy

P.S. I know there are some errors. But since i did this when i first started i feel like they should be left in.



WindMASTAH responds:

Im glad you liked it.

I assume this style parodies some games- I'm not into that, so bad luck I don't get it, but its OK.
Its got some scraps of humour and a bit of story, the sound , art and animation are OK. I got a bit bored during the fight- its like watching someone else play a video game, but I could see the skills involved in making all those fight images work.
Generally the text is OK- getting the timing right is not easy.
The text in blue at the end doesn't work because I couldn't read it against the background and the black bit at the end was too long.
You should definately continue with this, it has potential, although to be honest I wouldn't be specially looking for it, as it is not my cup of tea.

WindMASTAH responds:

It's no parody of any.... style in terms of animation style. I never really had inspirations for my current animating style that i use today. And in terms of text errors i've noticed them but haven't corrected them as i've made this when i first started making sprite animations. I felt that i should leave in the errors so that when i do make more up to date sprite animations my skill level and progress are clearly shown and differentiate between the past and now. And if it doesn't suite you that's fine, i just make it for my own leisure.

OMG that's Extremely good, no GREAT, I really liked that animation style Keep it up ;)

WindMASTAH responds:

Thank you i'm glad you liked it.

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Apr 2, 2016
2:37 PM EDT