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Greta (and) the Chosen One

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In a dystopian future, Greta (slave #1080) is mistakenly identified as the prophetic 'Chosen One'. While Greta wields none of the attributes of a hero, or a likeable character in general, it doesn't stop the Evil One and his oppressive robots/soldiers from trying to arrest her.

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Whatever happened with this? We want more... I, want more. :(


writersblockheads responds:

Thanks so much! Glad to see that people are still enjoying it!

I Want More!!!!!


Greta is such a lump, lol. Seeing her slide down and get smacked around inside that tube was far more amusing for me than it should have been, I suspect. The scene toward the end where she was unconscious and then just started mystically dodging everything because the real chosen one was controlling her was simply perfect, and the attackers' responses to Greta's supposed 'ninja' skills were hilarious. Keep up the good work, mate. :)

writersblockheads responds:

Every little bit of Greta's discomfort and misfortune should most definitely be enjoyed! You felt the right amount of amusement on that one. ;) Thanks so much!

the humor and style were really entertaining! nicely done;)

writersblockheads responds:

Many thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!