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Squirrel Talk : Foamy The Squirrel

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Foamy spews out a bunch of random rage induced gibberish! illwillpress.com

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Nice foamy and friends

Funny with him popping his head up lol really fun to see what you did with this and for sure would like to see, Nice foamy and friends stuff always a blast on what you bring to the table with all the style and elements in these flicks, anyways keep doing what you do so nice job and hope more is on the way.

some subtitles would be nice


The design sure has improved with the times! And Germaine sure has become a whole lot more talkative...


This was not great at all. One frame, almost no movement at all. The draining of the cup was a nice feature, but the squirrel is obviously a figment of her derangement and an outward expression of her chaotic thought process. reminds me of Afro Samurai with his friend whom the main char never speaks to until ep4. Coffee Stop was a lot better. The sound in that one was great design for madness. This has an interesting animation design yet it's just that there isn't enough.

squirrel had too much red bull lol

Where on earth do they sell coffee for about five bucks?! I'm siding with Foamy in this one, this is outrageous.