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Meatfist the conqueror

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A man with meaty fists goes up against the goblin king. I made this my sophomore year at RIT. it sucks. additional credits to Pat Houge who re did a bunch of the sound.

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Dude, Meatfist is one of the coolest characters. I hope you make a Meatfist saga.


Not bad at all man. I love the random gory shit. good length, and enough story line to keep interest. Good job man.

so, you're saying that this movie sucks? I DISAGREE.

its perfect! its nicely animated, with a fast, swift animation pace, some good drawings/good face expressions, and MANY funny moments!

i seriously loved it when meatfist entered the cave full of monsters, and he defeated each one with a hillariously brutal way, while at a moment he penetrated a huge goblin, and he even spared one small goblin, only to (SPOILERS) accidentally smash by slamming the other door wide open! hahaha
it was amazing! and the final scene/final fight VS the goblin king?
it was perfect! hilarious brutality! (a rare sight on movies)

what can i say?
i loved this, it was both well-designed, nicely animated AND funny.
so, you should do more of this/more like this, if you want.
its great!

you rock, man.
keep up the good work. 10/10

NickZweig responds:

Oh wow thanks! compared to my recent stuff this animation is not very good. At the time i was kinda proud of it, but i realized the inking was shitty and the color pallets and everything was something i couldve done better. and i have! I even plan on making a sequel to this bc it kind of gained a reputation in my friend group. Thank you for the positive feedback!

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3.25 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2016
12:30 PM EDT