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Hell's Uber Driver - Donald Trump

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Donald Trump takes a ride through hell and outlines his plans for taking over.

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His skin is to tanned for someone who looks like he has it sprayed on. Funny and witty by simply changing the language from ethnic groups and figures to religious ones. It shouldn't be funny but it is especially paired with the vocal nuances of the real life Drumpf.

I am prolly gonna vote for Trump, and I have to say, this is hilarious. But man, if he screws the country over... hell, if anyone screws the country over, oh my god. When do they learn they can't do this? ARGH. I'm tired of nothing working out. But anyway, this was really good, man! love it!

This is better than I thought!

I just wanna say that Trump impression is really good. It's not cartoony or overly emphasized, it's actually a good representation.
Also, good writing.

AgentLS responds:

Thanks! It's actually not written, but improv'd. J-L Cauvin did a great job on this. Check him out on youtube.

This felt like something out of Adult Swim, it was that good. And you managed to create such a brilliant parallel of MAGA to MHGA, which felt very Donald-esque.

I can't wait to look at the other stuff you've done!