Willie's Life - Hard Homework

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Willie stands up to Mr. Reed about his homework assignments being too hard.


I'm only saying this to try and be helpful, but the willie character along with most of your characters just don't really appeal to me to be honest. I get that you want to go for a simplistic style, but the thing about a good simplistic art style is that it still has appeal visually. The plot idea was good though really, but I think your art limitations are kind of holding back the humor a bit. I think you should also put more time into making your animations smoother too including the lip syncing looking more natural. I think you have potential if you keep working on your general video quality, but you need to work towards doing things differently than you have been if you want your cartoons to catch on with people. PM me or something if you want to talk more about this

DavisToons responds:

Oh alright. Thanks for the advice.

I liked it ,short and simplistic but it kept me entertained. Keep making these, good job man

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DavisToons responds:

Thanks :)

I like the characters and the plot! The art is ok, but overall, good job!

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DavisToons responds:

Thanks :)

That thumbnail tho! lmao!

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DavisToons responds:

Yeah XD

The art was pretty simplistic the animation was pretty limited and at 0:39 what the fuck is wrong with the eye if its done well the 3 glares can work but when it isn't (like when you did it) it looks appalling. The lip-syncing is incredibly untimed and inaccurate which isn't noticeable to any one who doesn't do animation but since I do it I notice it immediately. The voice acting is horrid and why does Willie sound exactly like Billy from "Billy and Mandy"? Bring something new to your cartoon just don't reuse.

You know these problems wouldn't matter if the writing and jokes were not so terrible but in this flash they are. If your going to write terribly and include bad jokes the animation and art should be somewhat decent. The only laughable thing in this entire cartoon is the arm fold at 1:53.

In conclusion get better voice actors, add more than 3 phonemes to your character library's don't do lazy art and animation if your not gonna put effort into writing and DONT continue use of the default color palette that comes with flash

I haven`t watched any of your other cartoons but if this is what most of them are like I hope never see them


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DavisToons responds:

There's nothing wrong with having a simplistic art style, at 0:39 the eye was supposed to get bigger and more bloodshot, to create a sense of drama in his mood, willie doesn't sound like billy, its only your opinion that the jokes are terrible, just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean nobody will find it funny.

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Mar 18, 2016
11:20 AM EDT
Comedy - Original