If YouTube Was a Cat

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I guess I'm sort of late to do a video on this whole Where's the Fair Use thing, but here's a thing.


Liked the animation style and the art fit it nicely. Well done!

Hilarious and accurate! Well done!

lol youtube is random get it???

Seriously, what does this have to do with YouTube in any way? Most of these subjects don't even seem to relate to YouTube, unless you try to look way too deep into this.

From what I guess, this is about the Fair Use issues on YouTube, but the only reason why I know that is because of the description. If I didn't have the description to know what this is parodying, this video would have been just about a cat who fucks up stuff, and that he is coincidentally named YouTube. Without the description, (which most people don't even read by the way) the video itself would have had me confused and not know what's going on.

So lets take a look at what happened in this "cartoon."

Near the beginning, some guy is watching Steven Universe on the television, and YouTube (the cat) knocks over the TV. What? So what does this have to do with YouTube? It fucks up the video? Copyright? That scene was so vague and nothing was going on to let the viewer know what was happening. If anything, you could have called this "Cute Cat Adventures" and just have the cat knock over the TV. At least that would make more sense, since it's about a normal cat, not a cat trying to be YouTube.

Next scene has the owner (presumably the creator of this cartoon) talking on the phone to someone else, and then the cat fucks it up by disconnecting the cord. Again, what does this have to do with YouTube? Nothing at all. If anything, you should have called the cat Skype and explain why that program is shit for quite a few reasons. That would make more sense than YouTube. With that first scene, the cat could represent share-screening a video on Skype, and how that feature is laggy and doesn't work half the time. Second scene could be Skype always disconnecting while the two people are talking. Again, Skype would make a lot more sense, instead of YouTube.

Next scene has the guy on his laptop visiting Tumblr. Seriously, I thought this was about YouTube, not Tumblr. So now this is parodying a completely different website? Okay then. Anyways, it's just YouTube the cat being a pain by going in front of the laptop screen. What is this supposed to represent? YouTube videos keep showing up on Tumblr? The man getting distracted by watching videos? The man is scared about watching TV in general, so he goes on Tumblr to explain about how much more superior YouTube is? How am I supposed to know what is going on.

Last scene before the credits just has the cat burning down the house. Why is the guy still in the house when it's burned down? How is he unaware of what just happened. Is this supposed to represent the guy losing his own YouTube channel? Again, the same complaint as last time, how am I supposed to know what this is parodying.

This is a very mediocre start for writing parodies, but you really need to learn what the issue is and how you are going to make fun of it.

As for the animation, it sucks, but I guess you are still starting out, so I won't take any points off of that. Music was just public domain songs that everyone has heard hundreds of times, nothing new there. Voicing was lukewarm, felt very uninspired and at times was just painful to listen to, nothing major.

I talked to some pals about this cartoon and they were just as confused by this. We came to the conclusion that this is presumably about Steven Universe cartoons being taken down off of YouTube. Of course those cartoons would have been taken down! Its copyrighted material. That's what television cable or buying DVD's are for, to watch those cartoons, not to be watched online for free, unless you want to be a pirate (yarr-harr).

Conclusion is: this was poorly written and animated. Try again next time, babe.

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CaptainCinnamon responds:

To be honest, you are right. I really should have been more clear with it. The TV was meant to represent that YouTube was taking down videos for no reason. Steven Universe was just meant to represent those videos, but I see how it looks more like YouTube is actually taking down an episode that shouldn't legally be on YouTube anyway. The phone call and tumblr scene were supposed to represent how some people aren't safe even talking about TV shows/movies on YouTube. But again, I can see how this is confusing, especially with the fact that I used a different website for an example. Overall, I need to work on writing better so my future animations will actually make sense. Also, thank you for understanding that I'm just starting out with animation, but I honestly could do a whole lot better if my home wasn't so stressful, but I'm not going to go on any further with that because it's personal stuff.

I'm just really glad this cartoon's finished and done so I can start over and try to do something I can actually be proud of. Thank you for the review.

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Mar 17, 2016
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