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A love story between two girls alone in a flooded world.

(Senior graduation animation produced at Carleton College, Winter 2016. By Sam Frederich.)

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Beautiful story!

excellent job here really this was made very well. interesting, unique, well done


very nice. a few spots where the animation hitched, but only a very few, and those may have been due to my system and not the content.
Excellent use of non-verbal storytelling.

Bravo! This is amazing, but just what is that white-skinned, blue-eyed, water-walking, weather-controlling girl supposed to be? Is she some sort of alien, bioweapon experiment gone wrong, a minor goddess, or a mutant of some sort? I'm just asking because she yet she is clearly traumatized by all the ruins she saw underwater, and that plus the drawings of the red-headed girl imply that the white-skinned girl is the only one of her kind and is thus solely responsible for the world being flooded. Fantastic job, nonetheless.

UniversalHeat responds:

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I left the girl's backstory intentionally ambiguous, because ultimately it doesn't matter what she is. What matters is what she did, and how it's affected both her and what's left of the world. Although I did leave a bit of a background hint about her identity in my most recent film "Hellevator." ;)