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6 Trillion Dollar Man

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A young detective begins to change after a near death injury.

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yeah this was hilarious! the face reactions were great and the story was amusing. the ending was off the hook! what could have made it funnier was speed up the speech of the cop, improve the detail of the body-speakers diagram, reduce the time between their speaking, and the song could have gone on a bit more, and remove that one scene with the recap of superimposition. dude.. you.. bust it... show it.. me... co-medy.. top it.. off... like a-G... cous.. you know it, huuuh?

Hilarious. This was one of the best things I have seen on here. fantastic comedy, great animation and facial expressions. Bravo. You have a bright future!

very funny, with nicely drawn characters, good face expressions, nice voice acting (especially the german doctor's accent, perfect!), and a very cool twist of the classic movie.

its funny, its awesome, its nicely drawn, and its funny.
what more can we ask for?

the only thing that i can say is:
keep up the good work!
you rock!


That was great. Nice work dude!