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World's Worst Deadpool Parody.

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The World's Worst Deadpool Cartoon Parody.

Bad drawings, voice acting, animation and jokes. Please enjoy. :-)

By the way, this took me about a week, and was done in my spare time.


Ok despite our differences in politics this was actually hilarious!

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks, and look, I know you are a Trump supporter, which is fine, but do me a favor. Instead of just telling someone like me, who has an opinion on a certain subject, that I suck because you have a different opinion on a certain subject, maybe you could try and express your opinion in a more intellectual way, because honestly, it would be nice if we all didn't sink to the Trump's level of insults and name calling.

I had absolutely no idea where this was going at one point and I love that.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) I did actually see the movie and then for some reason I was inspired to create this.


the animation was funny ,like the babydick jokes.5stars

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) I saw the movie and the next day this happened. :-)

I thought it was funny, and the voice acting was good too. You might need to work on your drawing skills a bit though, but I didn't think this was the 'worst parody'. Its pretty gud

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks. :-) I really appreciate that. Especially the part about the voice acting. :-) Also, the drawing style is actually a style I'm playing with. I'm using a mouse instead of a tablet and these images were drawn quickly in Photoshop. I'm kind of trying to be different and the opposite of polished and I'm using a cartoon style that I've used before when I was drawing my cartoons with pen on paper. :-)

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Mar 10, 2016
9:22 AM EST
Comedy - Parody