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NWAR: Framing Story

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Detective Nwar gets framed for a crime he didn't commit.

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Very nice

So once again I find myself enjoying this detective with an interesting insight on his world from his eyes bring together some nice noir and black and white themed story here that always seems to take us in a wild adveture of the detectives world so nice job on this film and the whole series would love some added effects on this maybe the action points anyways great series sofar I hope to see more soon

A great series here would love for some added effects in the action moment points


Great episode...as usual. NWAR is so well done. It baffles me that everyone on Newgrounds is not a fan.

danmarkowitz responds:

Thank you!

You would think it wouldn't be humanly possible to move so fast, even for a ninja. Or maybe the frames were just really slow. Wait a minute... Was that ninja related to a certain vigilante ninja from a certain underground movement of vigilantes?

danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks! And haha, good thought -- I originally considered making it the same ninja from Baker's Dozen, but felt like it would get way too confusing to tie that all together.

Give us more.

danmarkowitz responds:

I'm working on it!

Good work here. Keep at it, Mate.

danmarkowitz responds:

Thank you!