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King of the Hill Weed Parody

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Just messing around in Flash! Hope it at least gets a chuckle. :D

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Mah Tweeter!

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that last joke killed me

5/5 for the absolutely surreal journey, yo. I have no words.

5 for Tekken

Dang it Billy!

That was way better than I expected. It was a long and visually appealing animation that really gave a good idea of how a guy like Honk might experience drugs. Only thing that bothered me was the initial animation of him with the roach.

ConeZone responds:

Awesome, I'm glad it got a laugh out of you! :D I like to think Honk is a man of fine tastes and a wild imagination, haha. Oh no, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the initial animation, was that of Honk getting the weed into his hands or him smoking it and putting it up to his face? :(

Thanks for the comment man! :)

I thought it was pretty good.

ConeZone responds:

Thanks man, that means a lot a lot to me. :)