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Thought I'd share this, a Storyboard to an ambitious little project I'm going to attempt within the next 3 months!

The Project is called Solace, a story thats been buried away in my head for bloody ages that I'd love to expand on with a web comic or something.. this particular storyboard is just a concept-stage trailer giving insight into a part of the story thats pretty much near the end really.. but I loved the idea of making an epic moving scene where the character despite all the burdens and pain gets on their feet ready to face the darkness.

Que power ballard.. and 80's workout montage.


You are a very good storyboad-artist, your feel for the right perspective in the frames is great and the screen change between the artworks, together with the well chosen soundtrack, build up a strong tension for the viewers.

However, since this is only the prelude to the "final fight" scene (I asume) I can't say anything about the story arc and the characters so far. But I've seen a lot storyboards that weren't so clear in sight & sound, you sure deserve praise for what you did so far.

I sure hope to see more of it, and since I can almost sense some self-doubt in your soul: Believe in your self, do your best but don't be to perfectionistic with every detail - would be a shame if the world would never see your complete opus.

Wow! Great job on this one! Really liked the art style of this, and I really loved the music worked very well.

Eggabeg responds:

Thank you! If you're interested in the music you can find it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze25Q0w8O24

Lots of depth, cool character design, I love it. I would really consider speeding it up though. If you have to speed up the music it well be worth it, pacing is everything. You don't have to do it by too much, but unless you have a lot of interesting animation going on in each of those sections of the storyboard I would consider it. Good job!

Eggabeg responds:

Aye hopefully that problem will resolve it self when its fully animated, a narrative would also help greatly!

Holy sheiza! The pictures are moving! And their is tities!

Eggabeg responds:

Well I'm glad that much of the 'plot' was apparent at least.

Its very rare where an original idea (through storyboard mind you) can grab somebodies attention. I look forward to whatever form this project will shape into.

Eggabeg responds:

Thanks very much :D I'm looking forward to it too!! Hopefully I don't screw it up!

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Mar 8, 2016
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