RubberOnionBattle Feb 2016

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Author Comments

Anyone can participate! Use #RubberOnionBattle on Instagram.

The topic was "Superhero with Useless Power" and here are the artists in order.

VOTE for your favorite (see below)...

Meet the animators
1- Stephen Brooks (https://www.instagram.com/rubberonion)
2- Rob Yulfo (https://www.instagram.com/robyulfo)
3- Andrew Kaiko (https://www.instagram.com/andrewkaiko/)
4- Jeff Cook (https://www.instagram.com/aperturejam/)
5- Waymond Singleton (https://www.instagram.com/waymonds/)
6- Chris Rodriguez (https://www.instagram.com/noumenus/)

March's Battle topic is "Robot Co-worker"... see you on Instagram!

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Thigle man

First of all, kudos for making a collab with 6 entries and all of 'em are fun to watch - that's not usually the case imo. I liked all of them, but my favorite would be #2 (from Rob Yulfo), closely followed by #1 (by Stephen Brooks).
Had to watch it twice to make sure which one I pick, there's really no rotten egg in this competition.

rubberonion responds:

Yay someone finally voted for me!... for second place.... still! (= Thanks for the vote and the comment on the collab. Got a lot of great artists who follow the podcast and it just kind of grew from there. You can enter it yourself if you want, just check out #RubberOnionBattle on Instagram, it's monthly

You should have made one about a super hero that has the power to turn book pages. Nothing else. Only turn book pages.

rubberonion responds:

That's a good one! You can participate this month (March) if you want. Topic is "Robot Co-worker" and the videos are due on Instagram at #rubberonionbattle by the end of the month.

guess i didn't make the cut :P

rubberonion responds:

i love that you submitted something and we'll talk about it on the podcast... your video, reason i didn't include it, and a solution i have around that for the future

Great stuff!
I don't know why but it's


for me. The audio is brilliant.
Great to see the community coming together!

rubberonion responds:

#5 is really pulling away, thanks for voting!

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2016
12:09 PM EST