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The Cheesy Youtuber

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This was fun to animate because it was my first experiment with Animate CC.

Overall I had a good experience with this software, more than previous versions of Flash.

I collaborated with Blordow for this one!


Special thanks goes to him so go follow his ass.

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And this was something nifty here it seems to have come out well and made for a nice animation style here the artwork was not bad and the whole concept was pretty decent I like this one anyways good job here

No changes here on this one


A solid animation with a sad truth among many youtubers. Good work!

Brofresco in a nutshell. Just check out how he replied when the Reddit community called out his BS (custom games).

Very well done.

This is why I don't watch a lot of youtubers

well this is how it goes when douche bags get loaded. they become bigger douche bags