Slap back to reality: video games Short

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Pluto dose not like rob playing video games.

Attention: for the people who do like my work thanks for enjoying my work. if you are going to complain about my work I will ingore you. my life is hard as it is. tho if you do have a idea for me to improve please say but with out complaining and trolling to get a reaction. thanks.


That was nice but too short. Good job nonetheless.

I have to say the animation is very good! I like how well it flows through with the lip sync. The only problem for me is that it doesn't really seem that entertaining. However, I'm sure the purpose of the animation is that many people can relate to the actual animation on how most of us don't walk when we can walk in game and discover cool things.

Overall, I give this animation a 3.5 because it did manage to get me to smile. The only thing I have to say you could improve on is either what the subject is or make it slightly longer. Of course though you don't have to, it's your work, you decide how it flows through. I hope to see your content more often.

its a nice animation, with good drawings, cool face expressions, and a swift, fast, cool animation pace.
good work, make more like this!

2 and a half stars for length. Your animation isn't bad, but voice acting could use work. The volume factor is lacking.

Also, I suggest you improve your attitude toward criticism. Look at all the success stories in the world. Do they ever tell their critics to shut up because "life is hard"? No. You're not going to get anywhere without someone coming down on you. So what? People hate. Use it to improve. Yes, some people are trolls, but use those idiots as fuel to improve your craft. You're only feeding them by admitting that it bothers you.

Let me get one thing straight with your comments below, you may gauge your audience but you may not control them. You're going to have to learn handle critiques, even the bad ones. With that said, let's get on to the movie.

It's relatively short, but I can relate to the context. (Even for a dweller like me, haha) Animation is smooth, and I'm loving the coloring! I'm kinda iffy about the ending card, Youtube lingo makes everything awkward here but linking to it is fine! (Otherwise, you'll just look damn desperate.)

Nice work, and I'm sure you can do better!

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2.62 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2016
3:01 PM EST
Comedy - Original