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Pet Butterfly

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The tragic tale of Murphey the Monarch Butterfly. Another true story about my 9-year-old life.

More at:

Hidden Agenda Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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HAHHAH "looks like hes been chewing on bricks or something" such great dialog !

Absolute hillarious! But indeed sounded like pretty damn traumatizing.

Though, i'm actually curious: DID the cute little thing actually "followed" you arround / in vicinity?
'daaaaw... :)
Besides, i don't think that's creepy/kinky. Isn't that what's being a kid is all about?
No to say sad is, what become of us later in life. Beer chugin, brawlin and screwin lads. Well, not that bad indeed, but the innocence is gone long.

Ah man, aweseom, keep it up!


"With your not-knowin'-butterfly ass!"

This was great. I woulda choked the cat lol

A pretty entertaining narrative, as always, though I really feel for that butterfly! Savage cat man. Turned into a surprise ending with the cat not mentioned earlier (though a bit of a letdown too since it appears you did have another pet already! The butterfly wasn't all the special exclusive then). Anyway, nice work. Entertainingly told.