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Ghetto as Fuck

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The greatest lyricist ever is also the greatest Flash artist ever. Go figure.

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Dis sum gangsta shit.

damn nigga

you worse than OG Loc bruh... how you know so much about your homies in your hood if you be makin flash on the computer all the time?

DingleberryClock responds:

duh I steal all my actionscript from maddog

ummmmmmmm ok....?

Ok that was just retarted i liked music a lil if u expected it to be funny it wasnt..

DingleberryClock responds:

YOU are funny, my friend.

How did this end up on NG?

OK, you get a 5 because the audio was clear, but I hated the song (RAP = Retards Attempting Poetry, no offence any interlectually challenged people out there). The background looks like you let a two year old have some fun in paint for 10 mins and was just plain crap. Lift ya game son...

DingleberryClock responds:

Didn't people stop generalizing about rap music in 1993? Maybe you just need to stop listening to the radio, trendy boy.

Dis is da shiz fo ya peepz

Oh! da song of da millenium fa sho!!!!!!!!!!!

DingleberryClock responds: