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Do you have a pen?

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Here's a short animation I made today as I had nothing to do.

It's actually an idea I have had floating around my head for a long while now after having thought of it with my friend, Ross (Not me Ross, a different Ross of course). Shout out to him, he's a brilliant writer. It feels great to finally show you guys how ridiculous this idea is, and please share around!

k thnx bye.

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Wow I have to say you outdid yourself on this one it has a good flow of animation with the animation was very smooth very stylish on this one and smooth the whole idea was really good and different in it's own unique style it's a short film so I do wish it was a tad longer but still a great piece you have here very nice work indeed keep it going make it longer

Only thing this film needs is it could be longer


It's the simple things. :) Haven't pen this entertained in a while! Nice work.


Lol Great work! Really laughed at this one, really smooth animation too :)

Made me smile. Try harder.

I'd make a DragonBall Z reference here, but the video speaks for itself. xD