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Happy Valentines day!

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Thanks for watching my stupid cartoon.

Additional voices: Jack Crum (http://jackcrum.newgrounds.com/)
Outro tune by Gary Brolsma (http://gman250.newgrounds.com/)
Backgrounds and things by Elisa
Animation and stuff by Jeremy

"Root & Digby" is an animated cartoon following the adventures of cute little blobs named, you guessed it, Root and Digby!

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lol, caring and sharing has always been a bit oddly onlooked on by the law. Entertaining; happy little short, disregarding the conclusive incarceration for unmentionable amount of time. :P Happy Valentine!



... a quick review, which I normally detest doing, but you and this series deserves it. ^_^ This is a great series, overall, simple and quick, but funny, joyful and oh so pleasant to watch. :) Allow me to detail my review:

- The animation and drawings are very simple, but well suited and done. Most of the series is just a bunch of talking, involving little movement, so to speak, but whenever there is animation, it's well done. I like the design of the characters, they have a fairly original look to them, and well suited to their personalities.

The backgrounds are quite nice too, the contrast with the characters is perhaps a little bit jarring at times, but mostly it looks nice, with the pastel painting and textured surface look. Very childlike and nice. ^_^

- Sound effects and music... well there's not much of both, not enough to comment on. But the voice acting is excellent, the voices incredibly well suited for the characters, and with some truly great performances and delivery. Root sounds so joyful every time, is wonderful! And Digby sounds mature, big brother like and factual, it's great. :)

- The stories are super simple, just sketches really, but funny and interesting and fun and fairly <original> sketches! Seriously, there's a lot of joy to be had in watching most episodes, despite it's simplicity, and you make excellent use of the personalities of Digby and, above all, Root.

On that note, great timing on the humour too, you normally know how deliver the punchlines really well, and know how to punctuate them with visual elements excellently.

All in all, just a great series. I subscribed to you a few months back or so, and haven't regretted it in the least. Consistently funny, cute and fun bite-sized animations that really cheer me up. For all that, cheers and kudos! :D

Jerbeh responds:

Oh wow, thanks for the review! The time you took to say all that means a lot! It's great to hear feedback and I'm really glad you are enjoying the series so far!

I'm definitely looking into adding more music in the show, but I don't know how or what I want to do with it currently. The series evolves gradually as we continue to make it,and I'm happy you are there for the ride :)

is gud.

Jerbeh responds:


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3.90 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2016
1:51 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature February 15, 2016