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Bigger than Jesus

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Please don't judge me too harshly, I made this during University. More of an experiment into creating a short using diagetic sounds that turned slightly more short and musical then intended.

Just for backstory, James Hall was my birth name before I took on my father's surname...that and I couldn't open the old file to edit it

Enjoy !


First, I'm not just being harsh. It's practical, considering there's only 5 stars to go with in case I find the most magical, classical, wonderous thing on the whole internet... even in the history of mankind. There's still only five (5) stars...
Honestly, I don't really care about the name on this thing. What I do care about is the content. I don't know about other members, but I remember the story of the Beatles and "...bigger than Jesus...". SO... Some honest advice...
If you couldn't change the original, you can scrap it, and start fresh. For the next (and other) generations of little humans who haven't heard or read about the infamous quote, you have the chance to explain it. Why was it said? Who exactly said it? What were the stat's on their records? Where did any of this make sense? And possibly most of all, why did it piss a LOT of people off? THEN you wrap the thing up with some nice background music and colorful animation, and believe in it... You will have a thing of beauty to impress the world. This??? Well, it's kind of like a tease about what you could do in case you ever decided to try. I can see at a glance of this work, you are better than this. Have a little faith. TAKE THE TIME!!
Now, breathe and relax for a moment. For no more than was here to see, it wasn't terrible. It sync'ed up to the audio well. The art wasn't bad... so you've got skill. Like, you've got the real deal skill! Couldn't you start over and build a thing you'd be proud to show off? This simply seems incomplete... lacking...
Hey, maybe you just didn't have the right idea from the start, something right from your passion... you know? You figure out what it is you really want to say, and I'm sure you'll find or make the time to say it. So... Trying not to be too harsh... I've only offered my best response. I hope you can conceive of taking a legitimate critique and thinking it through.

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LittleSween responds:

Hey buddy, first of all I just wanted to thank you for such an informed and well thought out critique cause it's really appreciated.
In hindsight, I was hoping for this to become more much "grand" than it turned out, as the concept was originally underlined by this diagetic sound having an almost psychedelic vibe, hence the 60's title and imagery, but time constraints on my brief limited this to the minute long final you see.
I created this in my first year of study in animation (I'm currently in my fourth) but I just wanted a little opener/introduction of sorts into the Newgrounds community.
Again, no need to apologise for being harsh, it can only help/

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Feb 11, 2016
2:34 PM EST