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SPelling Bee (Book Two)

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Written, drawn and voiced by Marc M.
Compositing/tracking and facial animation by Coplin L.
Lip syncing by Joey S.

Watch (book One) of SPelling Bee right here: http://sickanimation.com/spelling-bee

Love, Marc


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Wholesome animation for the wholesome christian.

You know its hard to decide on your magnum opus when you keep pumping out perfection like this

That was hilarious the entire way through

Im not one to talk but I feel like the script could be better. Keep up the amazing work :)

They got a duck in dat pool! Ay! Lmao!! Oh man I loved this! Your style reminds me of Mike Judge (King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead) Had me laughing from beginning to end. Could definitely see this in Adult Swim. It's got that vibe :) Awesome dude!