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This was an assignment in which I had to do an animated storyboard , but I got caught up to it and the final result is more like a short animation.
The softwares that I used for this project was Photoshop , After effects and a little bit of Maya.

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Amazing music and visuals, but still trying to figure out what "BLMSK" stands for xD

Now that had some stunning visuals.
It even reminded me of Spirited Away for a moment.

It legit feels like I just watched the train scene from Spirited Away processed through a hipster filter. Although, this is a school project so I'm gonna be more lenient with my review score and give back two points.

arsalanes responds:

thank you for being lenient about it !

That is some really unique creativity you have there. Even though the story itself seems abstract, I can't help but follow the imagine of the author and the small character in the animation as she moves through what appears to be the fabric of another universe after riding on the bus. The music was also great, as it suited the eerie yet thrilling mood of the animation. Amazing work!

arsalanes responds:

Thank you so much BladeofSteel, so far you are the closest one who got whats going on and thats not only admirable it is also pretty nice , thank you again . cheers.

I'm not totally sure if I understand exactly what's going on, but the artwork is absolutely beautiful! The color's are fantastic and everything looks very clean and smooth. I really love this.

arsalanes responds:

Thanks heyopc , cheers