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BrokeAss Guide to WAR!: WW1

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The BrokeAss Guide Historical Society looks at WW1 and the fool-proof plans that were developed to guarantee we'll all be home by Christmas.

The BrokeAss Guide to Life
Created by Titus McNally

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dear bread, i loved how awesome, nicely drawn, and hillarious this movie was!
i mean, seriously, everything was nicely drawn, from the soldiers, to their moustaches/weapons/outfit/the donkey man/the general/the trenches/the details of the war-plan/everything, and ALSO, i liked how the general was telling them perhaps the most dangerous and stupid plan for a suicide-mission, and while some got excited ''i trust you, general!'' , ''yay!'' , ''lets do this!'', ''i will use my trench-knife...'' , ''victory is ours!'', others, didnt trust the general's silly plan.
and eventually, the final scene, oh man, that was so sad, but also so funny!

i liked how everyone got disappointed by the final stupidity of the general's plan: ''the entire operation will be covered by artillery fire''. and everyone said: ''noo, not this!'' and the one happy dude said: ''yay!'' , i mean man, this was quite funny, despite the sad event.

also, the broke-@ss, aka the donkey who was covering this story, sure didnt play a big role in this story.
will he serve a better role in the next installments, or will he only serve as the series main mascot/signature character?

other than that, it was an awesome movie, and i would love to see more stuff like this!
keep it up!

BrokeAssGuidetoLife responds:

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment. The Broke@ss is both the mascot and a character, he didn't do much in this one but he will definitely play a bigger role in other installments but it depends on the video. I have more planned and I hope you will continue watching.

Thanks again for taking the time to watch and comment!