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Lonely Girl : Flight

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I did that when i was a student 10 years ago , people were shocked but oddly in a good way
That movie is not to be reproduced ! Dont play games and try , seriously DONT

It was my way of portraying the AFTERLIFE in a modern day world

How do you think about that short ? It wasn't a funny / sexy movie and i'm sorry about that , i hope my vision was quite interesting at least

I produced a sound design by 2016 (1/02/2016)

Bye !

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You know, mostly "artists" from Deviantart are always into self inserts, mary sues or just weird fetishes they like to post up, which is why I left because of it's obsurdity and ridiculousness that the site allows to some extent.

but this was probably one of the best original concepts I've seen, and it's good to see artists like you bring something original like this to give the audience something to enjoy and and think about; the afterlife is quite something to have in mind at some thought. ( It's also good to see artists like you that are actually worth viewing on the site.)

For something you did 10 years ago it's still a masterpiece to this day. I give a 10/10

Sorry for rambling on, but I tend to have some bad memories on DA, lol hope you didn't mind the paragraph. =)

airman4 responds:

Thanks !
Deviantart is not that bad or you wasnt lucky or i got good share of good artists there
But i'm not shining on deviantart either , not much anyway lol , i wont bad mouthing , maybe i'm not good enough for them , but glad you see what i'm trying to do in art , and therefore i dont think i'm gonna to change , i like when people feel challenged by something they see.
Maybe like many say , finding your best artists on deviantart could take some time and you'll have to sort of a lot
I hope you werent bullied out over there too , i totally hate that kind of tactic (i got bullied too and hated for my art and views , i know how it is )

beautifully drawn, lovely simple sounds. I really liked this short a lot.
the sets and art were fantastic.
Love the style!

airman4 responds:

Thanks a million brick-Productions

I liked the art, the direction, and the soundtrack. This seems very nostalgic, reminds me of Final Fantasy with the low poly 3D buildings. The subject at hand is a bit controversial I admit, portraying the afterlife through a suicide--however, I think you've succeeded...not a lot of animators are this bold and frank about controversial subjects. The way that the senses are heightened as time seemingly slows down, and as she very gradually reaches terminal velocity towards the end is sublime. There's A LOT you've could've done very creatively sound wise, sooo much that an animation can't put into vision. This was a film you did as a student though, so I understand how difficult it might have been at the time.

As far as the aesthetics go, overall I think they were good, with some inconsistencies that really doesn't bother me at all. It was a unique experience as to what a lot of us can only think about. I'll just dock half a star for that.

Very good stuff, keep it up!

Was good. Tad bit repetitive on the falling near the biuldin part. Other than that it was goods. Like the cheese.

airman4 responds:

Thanks for the review !

grl dun splatted

bird dun be grl

airman4 responds:

Well lol , thanks ^^

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2016
12:50 PM EST

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