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(Made for the GGJ16 in 48 hours by only one dude... )

This game is about is about...


Five. Stars.
The slow change overtime in the world added to whatever horror was going on. I knew I'd be next at one point, and it drove me to keep going. I questioned everything but in the end we didn't get an answer. Instead it was I (the player) who had to think about what occurred and what it was about. It really stirred my mind. The graphics/music were superb. The slight off-ness of the guitar made everything feel uneasy in the game and led you to wonder more. For a 48 hour challenge this is exceptional.

For those of you giving a bad rating because it "forces" you to play in full screen, you can press the [esc] key and play normally.

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It's a good game. The music along with the slow changes that occur over the play-through give a slight sense of horror from knowing you'll undoubtably be next. It repeats, over and over, the same thing day in, day out, but each time something changes for the worse. It's more artistic and thought provoking than game, hence the 4 stars, but the ending was pretty clever. The game is about what you say it's about. It's a reflection on yourself, what you see the situation as. If someone was to play it and say "Oh, it's a bunch of furries getting killed, LOL", then that kinda shows you what they're thought process is.

Even I'm surprised at the conclusion I came to, that it actually lead to a serious discussion with your own psyche about what you make of a situation. For me, the game was about the stay of (literal) execution for the characters and about a man who had simply given in. For him, there was no hope, no freedom. He was already dead, just a body shambling through the last days of his life, numb to the dead and dying around him. It's a very deep psychological game, I'm honestly impressed.

Which, coming from me, is damn rare. Plenty of praise for this experiment.

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What a surreal experience this was.

I love these types of experimental games. With each scene things seemed to get worse, I don't know if I was just imagining things but the Mouse character seemed to be more miserable throughout each scene. It was extremely depressing to watch these characters waiting for their impending doom whilst doing nothing about it. At the end there was no one left but, the German Shepard standing guard. Not being able to see what was beyond the Mouse's door after the red X was painted on his door was a nice touch along with that ending question "What was the game about." Brilliant piece. The soundtrack was soothing, and the right pick for this game, not to mention solid pixel art. I expect more brilliant things from you.

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The mouse was the Jews, doberman was the Germans and it was about the Hologaust? That's what I got out of it.
I think his mouse wife was dead the whole time, she never left the bed, didn't even move.

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Lmao TraceReading is such a dumbass press Esc maybe get a I.Q of 20 and learn how to press a button also nice game!

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3.11 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2016
12:55 PM EST
Simulation - Other