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Toonyman's Collection #01

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[Main Info]

Toonyman's Samples and Demos.

This is Toonyman's Mix Collections of old and some new!
Samples and Demos. This is to demostrate a bit of my natural
talents and to showcase a wellpool of different Artistic Areas
and or Fields I come across. As you may or will know, I like to dive
into anything related to Art and without limitations and
not! following standard rules. I created My own new Art form and Style, called
*The* "Toonyman Natural Arts" or "Natural Arts".

My Slogan:
*I'm* "The Man without Influences"

It means My Art Skills are my own and natural and not
Artificial (like schools, friends, family etc). I don't let my self
be Influence by anyone! with the exception of nature(which
is given to us by default) everything I do is truely original all
my characters are 100% natural and Original to my own style.
I'm also the only one of it's kind a rare breed!. My Characters are not fake! or imitations or copycat or from other Artist, Sources or Templates.

Full Title:
Toonyman's Samples and Demos Mix Collection #01 (2011 - 2015).

Episode Description:
There's 33 Mix Segments some short, long and unfinished (In Order)

Note: Destiny Arts Studios is an old name, is now Officially "Toonyman Studios".

Music Credits:
Alberto Armentero (Toonyman)

Credits goes to there respected Owner(s)

Please understand that there old videos and there's just no way for me to find each soundtracks true owners. but the mayoralty are from newgrounds and youtube as well as the Public Domains.

No! infringement is intended, as I rather create my own original tracks. but I like to help out in communities like youtube and newgrounds. plus i like to show these segments in there original settings.

Sorry! if i don't mention you!. The original files where damage and or delete or lost. There no way for me to tell where it came from sense i only have the render output videos in mp4. If you find your Track you can credit yourself in the comments.
[Other Info]

Short Character Biographic:

The Toonyman Style:
This Cartoon Series is a Toonyman Style Original. This is the first of it's kind. Everything is 100% Natural and without Influences. That's the Toonyman Style also known as the " Toonyman's Natural Arts".

When I finish Building My Website(Still Long way to go) your Understand what I really mean about all this. I will also make tutorials and books and the likes. At least that's the plan.

Toonyfatninja/Cabol #CNSG7-TTF4K-3X7JU
All Logos, Artworks, Music, Video and Related Elements are
Toonyman Studios © All Rights Reserved.

Please Visit and Subscribe to My Youtube Channel.

Artsyware Store:

Store Section:

"Toonyman Thanks You!, for your Support"

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Jesus Christ, how many intro logo's do you need

ToonymanStudios responds:

the funny thing is that they where just a bunch of old unfinished projects and or dead. i simply grab them all stuff them all up into 1 single video i had to do a bit of editing but because there not! really anything special i didn't take to much time the whole thing took about 3-5 hours and that's because of conversion and finding new soundtracks that i created but was meant for newer projects. most if not all would not fit well! so i had to use some of my old soundtracks that where in the archives in my hard drive had to do a lot of unzipping and that time on it is base on file sizes. but all i wanted from these was to release old projects so that you would have something to compare for when i come back with my new and improve self. i'm going into super self training mode. to become earths greatest hero! I'm Toonyman "The Without influences" I'm creator and founder of the Natural Arts a new form of Art never before seen! is all in the making!. So stay toony!...