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GwainSaga - Pilot

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Pilot ► ---

Youtube Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xUG14RXrY8&feature=youtu.be

♫ Sonic Unleashed - Opening cinematic
♫ Pokemon RSE - Oldale Town / Pokemon OR AS - Oldale Town
♫ 紅魔城伝説Ⅱ - Cat Blast! / Metal Slug 5 - Intrigue
♫ Metal Gear Rising - Stains of time / Megaman x6 - Blaze Heatnix
♫ Metal Gear Rising - Rules of Nature / One PunchMan - Opening Theme

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Watched this Way Back and Still Wows me to this day! Decided to review all after I saw that's we're at Chapter Six! Awesome Work Geo!

Fantasy, Action, and Comedy Animation from Geo Pilot Series.

A lot of work clearly went into this and it looks great. Maybe try and find someone to compose original tracks for you if you want to bring this to that one level beyond. The work you've done is fantastic, though - great job!

Like most of these comments, this is a awsome video. However, it aint for everyone. bring it to teen or something.

This is better then anime........ i love it..... must see more......... TAKE MY DAM MONEY! TAKE MY HOUSE! JUST MAKE MORE!