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Animation Final

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Final Project for my first animation course last semester, 90 second time limit, 2 weeks to work on it, which wasn't enough but I did my best given the limitations!

We weren't allowed to use any music we didn't create ourselves

Thought I should share regardless!

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I loved this, transitions were so smooth as well :) I think the sound effects could definitely pack more punch, but it is awesome!

Are you going to continue to develop this? Putting in colours etc

Ferrohound responds:

I probably won't continue this one specifically, but I'll definitely do other work that will look a bit more complete in terms of animation and story
This was just a class assignment and had a couple restrictions, so I'm looking forward to creating things limit free next time I get the chance!

The animation was amazing, but the sound effects lacked impact. I'd love to see more of these characters in a fleshed out universe!

Ferrohound responds:

I need to try and get better audio for any future work, thanks though!
I'm working and thinking about that kind of stuff as we speak

HOW about someone subscribe to you because you are soooooo amazing

Ferrohound responds:

thanks! glad you like it

If this is one of your first projects... Then I can't wait to see what you do later :)

Ferrohound responds:

I'll try not to disappoint