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Hello people this my first (or second) official animated film, This was incredibly hard for me to do ill just be honest with you. I didnt use tweens or anything to streamline the process to make production go faster, so this took awhile a very long while lol. But its done and finished is better than perfect !

P.S i know there are alot of inconsistencies, thats because flash was buggy and wouldn't let me color or tweak certain cuts, so i had to leave them be for the time being.

Run time: 2:04 ?

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Nice animation

So this was a really nice animation here you have some great story telling too as you showcase that here I do think some added effects would go well with this you went all out at the end so it was nice anyways nice job

Some added effects might be nice


This is amazing and quite fluid def better than alot of other animations on the site you deserve wayyy more than just 3 stars. There a a few tweaks and cuts here and htere but this is some solid top quality stuff.

JaviJavi responds:

Thank you, and im glad you like it, lets just hope i get 5 stars the next time i upload an animation hahaha X^D

I want you to be good. yes I'm saying you aren't good, yes I gave this a low rating.
but your creativity and atmosphere and art are ok, if you were a good animator this could be somewhere between pretty good and fucking amazing, so keep at it and maybe network and find an animator you can work with so we can all really enjoy your unique vision. cuz that's what art is all about right? sharing something that only you can see.

tl;dr you have potential but this sucks, keep at it.

JaviJavi responds:

Hahaha GOD DAM tell me how you really feel ! Trust me i know it sucks, i know there are alot of things that i could improve on, i know it looks unfinished and tacky, trust me i know all of this, people have been telling me how bad it was left and right. BUT thanks to them im gonna try my best and do better on the next animation, thanks for your honest opinion i wish there were more people out there who arent afraid to say these things ^.^

Love everything about it! I am actually trying to learn a similar style of animation and learn a few things from your video. 5 STARS! I love the music too

JaviJavi responds:

THANKSSSS !!! and good luck on your future animation endeavors i know you can do it ^.^

This was pretty interesting.
With a little work, this could make for an amazing animation.

JaviJavi responds:

Thank you !!! im working hard so my next animation can be more polished and more amazing :)