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Don't Worry

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I probably should have put this disclaimer.
This is not a 3D animation. The 3D film that you are seeing in the background is the videogame "War Thunder", where I flew, replayed, and captured moments and footage where I then import to Flash to animate effects and the stickfigures. I did not do the 3D animation. Again, this is mainly an experiment where I would see how I can manipulate film or game footage.

An experimental project using two-three different mediums to create this one short. Created for a War Thunder competition.

8 . 夕暮れです! It’s evening! || By the "Girls und Panzer der Film" OST

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Like the style and animation qualities. I think this has potential, and you could get a lot of mileage out of it. As an experiment, this looks like it works out. Sure there are spots with a little choppy feel, but it's a start after all.
With a little more development on the storyline, say some intro... build up to the poignant climax and settle on a finished sentiment, you could really have something. Before you think this lacks, it doesn't. It's still only an experimental beginning, and there are only so many stars to work with. As a full-on animation, it would just need fleshed out a little more, like the background of the characters, at least to one degree or another. If you worked just a little more of that in from the beginning, even with a few flashbacks along the way to add to them, you would have a winning combination both with pointing out that sad truth about the very common lie (the 'don't worry...' line) but with possibly a further statement about wars, war heroes, and the respect due any of the military...
It's got real promise, and as always, you do good work... Now, I think you can take this idea to the next level and really make something with it. You're definitely onto something!

Yunguy1 responds:

Thanks for the comment! I am definitely planning on doing more stuff like this in the future. I'll keep these points in mind.

Although the animation was a little off, the feels are real with this one.

in the start of this movie, i was impressed by the use of 3-D, realistic planes, and a 3-D enviroment, while it also had some nicely drawn 3-D stick figures talking to each other.
then, i saw the black stick's discussion with the white stick, and the conversation became interesting/emotional/unique.

i also liked the airplane fights, and the various charges, slides, and landings of the planes, and the different viewpoints from many different sides.
(i also liked how you drew the US battleship in a realistic way, and how you designed the usa soldiers as humanoid figures, unlike the japanese fighters, i found it to be an interesting touch)

and then, the last part of the dialogue, between the japanese black stick and the white stick was perhaps the best emotional part of the whole movie:

-black: i will protect everybody.
-white: and what about you?
-black: dont worry.
i will be fine.

its an amazing and emotional depiction of the biggest lie that we are saying to our loved ones: ''dont worry, i will be fine''. its sad, but its a fact.
also, i really liked how you designed the sticks, their movements were realistic, the airplanes were VERY well-designed and very realistic, and the use of the planes in combination with the backgrounds (were the backgrounds old photos, or did you drew them as well?)
as for the story, it was a story about the WW2, but this time it was told from the japanese side.
(just like in the ''letters from iwo jima'', a very interesting and unique movie.)

you did a really good and emotional movie sir, good job!
you are great!

Yunguy1 responds:

Hey man, thanks for the really nice comment! But, I gotta say this to clarify this experiment.

I did not do the 3D animation nor did I design the planes. All of that was footage from a game "War Thunder" where I flew myself, grabbed footage and really good moments during my matches, and put them together in this short experimental film.

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Jan 23, 2016
10:45 AM EST