Pidgey used Fly

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Pokemon-based air travel ain't all it's cracked up to be.

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either do something original or quit, even if you get good at copying egoraptor's style, you will never be anything more than a counterfit. Make your own artstyle or leave NG.

first of all, pokemon puns are EXTREMELY overdone, saying things like "Tauros shit" or "baby caterpie" or whatever feels not only forced, but polarizing to someone who doesn't know anything about pokemon. Secondly, if i wanted to watch Poke'awesome i would have, this cartoon literaly uses the same jokes (I mean Pidgey) and even the same angles (example at around 1:10 is almost the same as egoraptors angle for ash)
the character design is awfully similar as well, except with default colors instead of a well thought out color pallet. your flash lines are extremely obvious making it feels like you put 0 effort into clean-up.
You attempted some animation stuff like when pidgey sticks his head back and yells, but the fucking sequence was all done in 4s or something so it came out choppy.
I would recommend practicing more before making your next parody, and enjoy your brief taste of fame on the newgrounds front page while it still lasts.

This is literally just pokeawesome, except worse. you even drew ash pretty much exactly the same and gave him the same voice as egoraptor, AND you used the exact same camera angles. pidgey just sounds like when pikachu was bitching.

Well here's the thing, you slightly copied EgoRaptor in the beggining with the whole pidgey talking thing, second it wasn't very funny I mean Ash's voice was pretty dam annoying. Last I have to admit the whole animation itself was pretty good, but it wasn't funny at all. Work on something more original next time

Just another lame Pokemon parody

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Jan 22, 2016
4:02 PM EST
Comedy - Parody