The Mirror

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The Mirror is a metaphorical role-playing game about self-image, reflections, and reality. Currently in Beta.

An interactive story game reminiscent of early text-based RPG's, the player adventures through multiple lives shaped by the stat-generation of a magic Mirror - but can the surface reflection of a Mirror really reveal the internal measure of an adventurer's talents and destiny?

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Pretty much DND.

This story was quite the eye opener for me. I loved the story it conveyed and how it allowed me to actually think about what kind of person I see in the mirror and how that image doesn't decide who I am. Thank you for making suck an amazing game.

EnameledKoi responds:

I'm really glad to hear that; I was hoping the game would do that for players. Happy that you had a good experience with it :)

this was a cute wee surprise amongst the mindless games and silly videos ive been watching, hi-5 for creativity. I really love the artwork, the smoky swirls on the mirror and color scheme. well done :)

EnameledKoi responds:

Thank you! I don't consider myself primarily to be an artist, so your comment is much appreciated :) Glad that you enjoyed the game.

There are few games that brought tears to my eyes and made me want to hug the developer(s). This was one of them. The story was so beautiful, the quotes so inspiring it is impossible not to love it.

EnameledKoi responds:

Wow, thank you so much for playing and for the heartfelt review. I am so happy to hear that the game touched you; I made it hoping that at least a few people would feel that way. Thanks again for writing about it, I needed this encouragement today.

The more symbolic the story, the more meaning you hope to convey, the more you have to avoid spelling things out. You need to give them room to make their own answers or room to miss it completely. Which is why I dislike the very very very spelled out ending.

Otherwise I liked it.

EnameledKoi responds:

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! It's a tightrope walk I'm trying to balance, making sure people can find the end while not making it seem stupidly easy. As it is, some people never find the end at all. I'm working on some solutions to guide you eye back to the mirror and make the links a little more hidden. I'll also do a pass on the ending text and see if there's a way to spell everything out less without being too vague. Thanks again :)

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3.38 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2016
9:40 AM EST
Simulation - Other
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