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Kirby's Dream Land

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Another quick Kirby cartoon with sleep, Pac-Man, ghosts, etc.

[EDIT] Thanks for Daily 3rd!

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he sleep

Haha nice one :D

Axelstation responds:

thank ya ^^

Quite nice! I liked the art and the pacing, though I was a bit confused at the very start, since I didn't make the connection that Kirby was dreaming himself as a pink pac-thing.

Axelstation responds:

I was thinking of doing more of a wispy effect during the sleep transition, but I felt it would be too much. Hard to say, but I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

is it weird that this made me more sexually attracted to Kirby?
like I wasn't really before and I'm not that much now but, it's still a definite increase...

Axelstation responds:

I wouldn't recommend listening to 'Kirby's Adventures in Reamland' by Starbomb then haha

He thinks everything can be eaten... but it's just his sight that does so. Just decent.

Axelstation responds:

I thank you for your honest opinion sir