Qumi-Qumi "Money Money"

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Qumi-Qumi friends are playing an arcade machine but they lack a coin to continue their spree. A number of random incidents urge them to open a beauty parlour to earn some coins for their game to continue. However, it turns out a beauty parlour is not an easy way to earn money! Crazy events that follow their enterprise turn the Qumi world upside down and even affect the Jumi-Qumi king and his queen!

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Very nice

The world here is nice and has some good elements about it making it a unique world so nice job there the animation itself was notbad at all and I had some fun with this very entertaining would have loved more visual effects but overall this was a nice flick

Some added effects or some extra ones


Another high quality episode. Though it seems I'm much older than the intended audience, I'm never disappointed by the polish of entries in this series! Love your work!

I am quite surprised, this has not been green lit for an actual TV show.
AS confused as parents might be, in hearing their child listen to what amounts to Sporeish speak, its a delightful romp into these aliens slice of life.

This is delivered in such a humorous light, that even a grown man like me can not help but be enchanted by everything from its; vivid colors, memorable designs, and fun interaction between the characters, and even slight bit of world building to give further depth and intrigue in to this fascinating world of the Qumi.
Perpetually wild, and zany action fills the scene with enough pauses to explain in pantomime or some kinda language just what is going on plot wise.
And its wonderful just the right sense of scale in what you want to portray.

Its pacing is just perfect to enthrall the young mind. Not to fast as to blur into a miasma of bright technicolor, but not too slow either, as today's youth do need a good bit of speed in the action on screen to fully have them invest their time in it. ( though this is not often correct )

The amount of polish on everything here is so presentable that i could pause the show and look at the variety to things to explore, and ponder on. A great thing to get the mind active, and further makes the world feel tangible. To make the kids want to believe in the world as well. Its the crystal clear movement that makes me think, surely this IS a real TV show?

I do believe that if you pitched this to Cartoon Network or even Nickelodeon they might fall in love with this concept as much as you are yourselves, as all good creators do.
It is possible you have your reasons for this to solely exist on Newgrounds.
And I respect that.

I fully enjoy these and very much interested as to what you could do with this. Shaka' Laka!


I thought it was difficult to understand, until I realized they were speaking Japanese.

Wow this is great. Epic animation. Although sometimes its hard to understand what they are doing.

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4.17 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2016
2:24 PM EST

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