The Grey men

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Apart from the drawing-style, wich looks preety rough; the animation was ok. I didn't get the plot, though. I wish this will have a sequel to explicate some things, because this movie actually was interesting. I will watch your other animation and follow you in future.
I would like to give a little advice, if I can: if you have a nice idea, work to make it the most comprehensible to others.
Anyway, keep up the good work.
Ps: the intro, it was gorgeous.

animationaddict responds:

Should the work get positive responses I look forward to expanding on questions from the short like Who are these robed figures, why are the paritioners so devoted to the screens directions, what happened to this barren wasteland, why is everyone wearing grey jumpsuits?LOL
Again thanks

dear animationaddict

Okay first of all...The sounds. Some of the choices of the music here is horrible. Especially with the "Let's Fight" scene. Also with the talking Alien black robe figure. The sounds are just amplified to egregious levels it hurts my ears. But anyways back to the animation at hand. Well you did a good job on the animation, but the story is literally confusing. All I could understand from this is well from your Author's comments. The animation itself didn't explain it further yet give a solid point. All I see here is people go to some kind of cult church, then get into an abrupt fight for no reason, then one guy gets punched and it ends there. I...I really don't know what you're going for here. At first I was expecting some gritty, hallucinating, and creepy skit but this just looks incomplete to be honest.

PS: This review and all opinions are solely based on first impressions

Regards from a Struggling Youtuber

animationaddict responds:

I see from your submission list that audio is your thing so I appreciate your critic of my folly work. Im glad you were able to discern the identity of the Grey Men being aliens, I think the voice might have helped you with that.
As for being incomplete, have you ever watched the Aeon Flux shorts created before the show was made? I try to build shorts that give a glimpse into a world with a unique mythos. But leaving them open allows me to come back to it if it calls for it. You seemed to have gotten most of the main points although there is another idea at play regarding 2D vs. 3D. I would suggest considering your lengthy review maybe watching it again and think about these ideas.
Also I'll be featuring the work in some film festivals this year, Do you have some audio you would rather see in the "lets fight" scene. Let me know
Thanks for watching

Woah, that's the weirdest thing I've ever seen! Bravo

animationaddict responds:


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2.74 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2016
10:57 PM EST