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The Offensive

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This is an exert from my animated series on Youtube: The Duel Terminal Animated Series.

To watch the parts for the series go here:

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Very nice!

Yugi-mations responds:

Thanks a lot!

wow, really nicely drawn, everything had great details, and the enviroment/background was truly magnificent, and really detailed as well!

also, i really loved the huge mecha-robots. (and their escape pods, it was REALLY detailed and nicely designed as well, and therefore its worth mentioning...)

so, i liked the insect-like yellow robot, it seemed so nicely designed, very nicely drawn, and animated in a fast, fluid animation, while i also liked the red humanoid/gundam-wing-like red robot who was the ''insects'' opponent.

and then... an epic battle ensued!
a wonderful movie, i really liked this, i would love to see more about this story/more like this.
good work! keep it up!

Yugi-mations responds:

Thank you for a well thought out critique of what you enjoyed, it was most insightful. I would also like to hear anything you had concerns about, perhaps something in your eyes you think could use some improvement. Its one thing to get attention and acknowledgement of a good job, but the stuff that really helps us get better is what we did wrong or could have strengthened. I thank you once again for your comment.

Very high quality. Great animation, really good sound. Keep up the good work!

Yugi-mations responds:

Thanks a lot for your support!

Totally AWESOME!!!! Graphics and sound effects are great, I also like the how the voices are robotic best of luck to ya.

Yugi-mations responds:

Thanks a lot for the compliment. Im definitely trying to get better as i complete each project.