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Tiberius & Reagan

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Tiberius & Reagan are intergalactic cartographers! Their mission? Catalog every planet in the galaxy!

YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2X_wE8hrqQ

Created /Animated by: Liam Young
Written by: Alex Wallace
Original Score by: Clemens Hoeberth

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This is DOPE as hell and seriously professional. Amazing! I wouldn't say no to more of this.

...aaaand it's from 2016. Well shit.

Very Invader Zim-esque

It's a very cool idea for a series. I wouldn't mind seeing how this develops if it keeps going. I notice people have already made the connection to Invader Zim, and I can clearly see it too. But (and I hate saying this), specifically it's Reagan. The similarities between Reagan and GIR are so obvious that it borders plagiarism. I think Reagan's personality needs to change. Maybe even its character design also. But that's just me. All in all, I really like this.

While the dialogue itself felt a bit unnatural here and there, this was overall really enjoyable to watch.

I really enjoyed the bright, clean colours and animation that really immersed me into the story you created. You nailed the originality of the characters and the universe that they're in.
All up it's a well thought out and capturing animation that I had view twice. Great job and look forward to your work in the future.