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Try to balance the ball with your cursor, and push it in the desired directions.
Music by Gruber99: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/647988
Background tile by LittleFireDragon http://littlefiredragon.deviantart.com/art/Tiling-Space-Background-446739823
Everything else is made by me.
This is not the final game i will upload that as well and will delete this, i just wanted to upload it and get some feedback on what should i change etc.
Thanks for everyone trying it out.

The first layout it sends you is just a Practice one, in the final game it wall teach the basics of it, first just try to balance the ball over the cursor. There are several ways you can move the ball the easiest is to just draw half circles below it, although its not the fastest it is maybe the safest. You can also just try to push it upwards trying to balance it out, or draw a vertical path for it and push it up on it.

Also try not to squeeze the ball, the physics engine will just pop it out weirdly.

You can also pick up money, they are scattered around some levels starting from level 12, after level 12 you can use the money as the levels are longer, each has a checkpoint where you can spend the money, so you don't have to start over the whole level.

Ps: This is my second game.

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Nice idea, but too ugly graphics for a simple game.

can't fit on the screen. I rule in favor of a vote of no confidence.

Interestingly, the game does not fit on my screen, I guess it's for tablets, right?.
Still, it's a good job ;).

devilcowgames responds:

Thank you very much, yeah it will be a phone/tablet game

Perhaps I will be able to play the full game, but this version I cannot. The reason being simply the fact that the game window is shaped in such a way that it doesn't fit on my laptop screen. I suppose I could always tilt my laptop on its side :). Did you design this perhaps for mobile devices only?

devilcowgames responds:

Yeah it is going to be and was always meant to be a phone/tablet game. Thanks for your input! :)

like gregory999 i got stuck in some kind of no-level at first.
music and visuals chill alot.
no, kidding.

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2.57 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2015
10:54 AM EST