The Sketch Collab 2015

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Thanks to Saminat once again for this year's paper background. Seriously man, you rock.

Coming back for its 9th year as Newgrounds' longest-running collab, The Sketch Collab is an annual collaboration of artists who animate in the theme of graphite sketches, bringing us back to traditional animation once more!

We hope you all enjoy it!

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Wonder if all these collabs ended with a title-proclaiming short likethat, feels like I have to go back and check, real neat way to end the animation. Overall a bunch of creatively sketchy shorts here; a fun watch! Nice work everybody.


Wow, forgot I was in this collab. This went out great! :D

I really love this concept of art on sketch. Was a great job and well done. I wish congratulations to all participants for having done a job like that. I also like the background, which makes it look a bit that the animations are ocurring in a desert. Great collab.


It was nice and there were some great moments within, but I was yearning for some transitions between pieces. Some of the sketches were hard to follow with the animation as well. Congrats on another collab done! :)

9 collabs and still going strong! This has to be one of the longest running collab series' on Newgrounds by now, surely! Good to see the dedication is still there after all this time.

I'd say watch out for some of the animators in here. A weirdly high number of Sketch Collab members go on to wind up with their own projects on the front page and with Daily Firsts. I guess it sort of acts like a "up and coming" showcase. :)

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Dec 22, 2015
4:53 PM EST