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Sonic The Hedgehog: Christmas in the Lava Zone (HD)

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Christmas... IN THE LAVA ZONE!? ...Merry Christmas!
By @Yoshi1up & @MacTheActor

Fixed some of the transitions and the audio with better quality.
Added more SFX and a bonus ending.

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Dang i remember watching the original back in 2010 and watching it again now brings a nostalgic tear to my eye.


This is a higher resolution version of the original from years back. One may experience deja vu if they have seen them at their time of release.

or not if you just saw both in a 10 minute span (like I have)

I feel like i've seen this before......years back

Really nice pacing, a lot of movies here tend to suffer from poor pacing which cripples them even if the idea was good.