A Copyrighted Christmas

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For the first time in 5 years on Youtube, I have gained a copyright strike. All because I used 15 seconds of a song in a video that doesn't even make money. The people who flagged it don't even own that song.They were just some random non-profit organization. This is my take on the copyrighted situation.

I was going to do a musical with some copyrighted songs but due to worries and the fact that the last time I made a music video took 11 months, I decided to make the musical part not the main focus.

Also, merry Christmas.

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While not the most fluidly animated, it was a good parody of the US copyright law that was created (or, rather destroyed) in 1998 thanks to the Mickey Mouse Protection Act. It goes far beyond YouTube's broken copyright system, though.

Mickey Mouse is something I wish you would have brought up, but you didn't. Maybe because you didn't know. I'm not docking points for that, though. I won't judge this for what it isn't. I'm just feeding you some information for later, if you want to use it.