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Undertale - What is love

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I think I've forgotten how to animate, so I try to return to the game with exercises.

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what is this?

What is love?

these never get old.

Papyrus head ... slashes? aren't doing it justice tho while everything else is smoother.
I love how you worked frisks head bob in tho xD


So this was notbad at all you have some nice ideas here with this one you have a nice style here and I have to say this was an enjoyable piece love all the content you have showcased in this one you bring on some nice insights

This was one movie that didn't need any changes


Wow, I was still in school when this meme was new. I feel friggin old...
As for you supposedly forgetting how to animate, looks better than half the stuff I see these days, so if this is you out of practice, then I can't wait to see how good yer at it when you're actually trying!