Reviews for "Undertale - What is love"


Looks good. ,ost important tips, start rough and loose with simple armature, line of action, expression, and draw your characters with simple shapes to start...... also, draw through the, as well, like his sleeve draw the full circle so there's no guess work when it times time to clean up. These are just sentences I tell any inspiring animator or intrested in animation, correct me if I'm wrong but judging from your nice solid work it looks like you've done all this! Keep it up, and good plan start small and work up. Cheers, nice Lil loop.

As an Undertale fan, I cannot stop watching this. It's just too great, really, haha. I love how each character moves to the song, especially Frisk. I'm just worried about Papyrus messing up his jaw from the way he's moving his head, haha.

Even though I love this video, it does have it's flaws. Like Psychopath said, both Papyrus and Frisk have four fingers on their left hand and three on their right. Also, this is probably me just being nitpicky, but Papyrus is really hugging the center line of the road. Not a total issue, I would say, but it's something I noticed.

Also, the buildings in the distance don't eventually go out of view as Papyrus is driving down the road, which they should. Very unrealistic.

Finally, I don't know why you made it so one side of the barrier is a solid barrier and the other side is a railing. Both sides should be the same.

I would be more critical with this, like the two users below me, but I feel like this wasn't something totally serious. Just a fun, little loop no more, no less. Not to mention that I think Psychopath was being TOO critical. A few of the things he described as problems I don't even see and a few are just opinionated.

Overall, it's a pretty fun little loop, but it has a few issues. Like I said, I don't think this was a serious project, so I wasn't going to be overly critical about it. And even though it has it's issues, I'm going to be watching this at least once a day for a little while, haha.

if this perfect and flawless animation loop is what you are calling a state of ''forgetting how to animate'', then, please teach me how to forget animating as well, because its AWESOME!

while im not very familiar with the undertale game, (i know the characters and the basic story, but i've never played it), and while i usually dont like loops, this was a splendid loop of the great car-meme with the epic song ''baby dont hurt me'', originally done by jim carrey, so many years ago!
(the comedy sketch, not the song)

also, i really liked how you've added the three most fitting characters for this situation:
the adorable & bold papyrus, the cool and funny sans, and ofcourse the main protagonist of the game, frisk himself/herself!

i love their face expressions, and the fact that you've managed to give them the correct/matching face expressions per character is quite amazing.( and by that, i mean that you've drawn their face expressions in a way that matches with their personalities, to be exact)
also, the animation is very fluid, and the animation speed is really nice, with a good pace.

what can i say?
you have a great animation style, your drawings are excellent, the animation is nicely executed and very fluid, and i really like how you drew the characters in this small loop.

i can only imagine what a bigger flash movie by you will look like.
you are great!

nice movie, keep up the good work, mate!

I noticed that when Papyrus turns the wheel, you have the pivot set at the top-middle of the wheel rather than at the center; the wheel should not be jarring back & forth like that. I noticed that San's jacket just changes shape at random as he rotates his head. I don't get why Fritz's head is morphing as he bobs it.

I highly recommend using the onion tool. It is your friend.

I also noticed that you gave Papyrus three fingers on his right hand but four on his left. I also noticed this with Fritz as well.

I don't know anybody who drives with their thumbs pressed against the wheel like that, typically you grab the wheel with your thumbs clamped underneath your fingers to supply a better grip.

Also not a fan of how the lane marks change length as they drift away, nor do I dig they way they combine for a single frame of the loop.

Also not a fan of the street lamps that literally just restart & don't complete a real loop, which is especially noticeable since a new street lamp never appears from the far right; nothing in this loop ever enters from ahead of the car or exits from sight over the horizon.

Speaking of horizons, the only part you really got right were the support beams of the railing to the right. Too bad the horizontal line on the concrete part of the railing keeps bobbing up & down.

Since this is a loop, the buildings shifting over to the right makes no sense because they just end up restarting to where they first appeared anyway.

Lastly & this is the part that bothers me the most, I really do not understand the way Papyrus is thrashing his head. The other characters are "dancing" rhythmically but Papyrus is just whipping his head to his right. It looks like it was meant to be a circular motion like what Sans is doing but you didn't complete it. Oh and that motion blur where you fused two frames together is quite atrocious, I'm sorry to say. Especially since his head comes to clean halt just after it. It's so jarring & distracting.

I know loops are hard to complete, especially when you have so many that need to work symbiotically but this comes off as lazy rather than shaving off the rust.

Anyways, I hope you take these criticisms to heart because as it stands, this loop is essentially unfinished.