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The Midi-Chlorians Awaken

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NOTE: This was made before the movie came out! It is 10% spoiler free.

Star Wars has been on my brain for months now!
I decided to try writing a script based on the very limited footage and images of the movie we've actually seen. It took a while to settle on something that I liked. This is probably the most iterations of a script or plot that I've ever gone through.


Special thanks to all the contributors:
JayWEccent: voice of Luke/ Jar Jar/ Palpatine
Chongo: voice of Finn
My buddies Brendan and Zach for their funny script ideas.
and check out the link to the left for the full Kazoo Theme song!

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You got Jay in this! Your lucky, dude. he has such talent, man! His Star Wars stuff is fantastic.

Noodle responds:

He is great! I'm sure I'll find more roles for him in the future. The guy deserves more exposure, and I'll do whatever I can to help him with that :)

I see you also saw our Deadpool short. You should hear his amazing work in Ghost Motel: Resurrected!

Love how you did the whole "Midi-chlorians" explanation thing with science class and such. That would so be the way the New Republic would teach things. "Oh and Kylo Ren? yeah kicked his ass in the forest and now he's space dust." ROFLMAO

Hope these aren't real spoilers though.
I haven't seen the movie yet.

Noodle responds:

This was made before the movie came out, so it is totally spoiler free.

it was honestly kinda lame but its actually fairly spoiler free so.

Noodle responds:

One could say, it brings balance to The Force.

Havent seen the movie yet myself, still i luv it. JarJar serving drinks with midi-whatever rocks :P