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Maudeville - "The Storm"

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"The Storm" by the band, Maudeville. From left to right we have: Esther, Marleen, Henrietta and Evelyn Geirich, four sisters with a passion for music.

Hope you like it!

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I haven't been keeping up with your work lately and now noticed you have uploaded lots of brand new submissions.

This new submission shows an improvement in your own drawing technique.

The bed room background has a lot of attention to detail.

The bedroom has a bit of clutter on the floor and the wall is covered in posters with details of it's own.

The posters on the wall can be improved by adding bits of tape to hang each poster.

Other props on the wall could be held by nails, tacks or whatever.

What matters is something holds the pictures up.

It's one more subtle extra detail to add to a series of already subtle details.

The girls playing the music have the same usual design of perfectly round heads.

Try to experiment with drawing different styles of jawlines for future characters.

Real people often have a variety of chins, jaws, noses, eyes and general facial features.

It is possible to draw a more stylized version of a real person.

Other cartoons draw stylized versions of people all the time.

I can list off examples from anime, cartoons, deviantart submissions, newgrounds submissions, youtube cartoons and other art forms.

The world of online animation has a surprising level of variety in genres, art styles and other possible entertaining factors.

I'm glad to see you are still creating new stuff and learning more with each new cartoon created.

Despite the evolution of your drawings, backgrounds and even improvement towards music created for this piece.

This submission was basically a simple looping animation.

I'm personally not a fan of overly simple animation loops to be perfectly honest.

I would like to see you create some animated skits, shorts, movies, games or whatever.

I'm very pleased to notice that you are still creating new stuff.

Keep up the good work.

- Mightydein

Bertn1991 responds:

It's good to hear from you again : )

I'm grateful for your detailed review, but I disagree on many levels...

This is a music video, so the main focus was the music obviously. I was hoping more people would appreciate the piece, even if the animation wasn't tip top. It's something I made in just a few hours to go with the song. The background on the other hand is something I made a while back that took a full day or so to draw. I almost put this in the mature category for some of the stuff hidden in the background, but I figured no one would notice, and apparently no one has, so it's all good.

As for round heads, that's just my style. I don't always use them, but it's just easier because I draw everything with a mouse so more complex shapes can be difficult for me to draw. With circles I can just use a circle tool. Also, I just like the look of round-headed cartoons. And also also, Marleen's (the girl with the top hat) head isn't a circle. It all comes down to personal preference though. Just because something can be drawn differently doesn't mean it should be.

As for loops, there really aren't any aside from parts of the song that loop, and even then the animation is never completely the same. I'll admit, most of the effort went into Esther's animation (girl with the viola) I actually thought her animation was very well done considering that I don't use animation software. To animate something complex like playing a viola was a bit tough, but I'm actually very happy with how it turned out. As for the others, they all play clarinets so there really wasn't as much I could do. Evelyn (the girl on the far right) makes funny faces and stuff though.

Anyways, I do appreciate the review, I do, but I feel that 2 stars is a bit harsh. I felt that even your own words were more favorable than your rating of 2 stars. It sounded like you enjoyed it, even if you had some gripes, but 2 stars would imply that you thought it was very bad. While the animation is simple, it wasn't bad. The background is colorful and full of detail, polished artwork and hidden objects. A lot of effort went into the background. I'm going off topic a bit, but when I put up posters, say in my actual bedroom, I put the tape on the back so it isn't seen, and so the poster itself isn't ripped if ever it should be taken down. Just a little trick I picked up. As for the props on the wall, the only objects are a spoon, which is visibly taped, and a few paper notes, which have colored thumb tacks in them. And finally, the music, which was the main focus, I thought was sorely neglected in your review. I think you may enjoy it more if you give it another shot. Try to focus on Esther. I think she's the funnest one to watch. You really get an idea of her character, her very bored and cynical personality. More importantly though, try to enjoy the music!

Regardless of my disagreements with your review, thank you. Again, I'm happy to hear from you again. I guess you saw that post I made about you. Thanks again for your review! Sorry my response to your review was longer than the review itself. I know you can't respond to the response, but if you do give it another shot, just drop me a message :-)